SGGCX2PRO Hardwire Kit – with all Fuse Taps

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Install the SGX2HW to enable a special parking mode on the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO Dash Camera System.

With the SGX2HW Hardwire Kit the SGGCX2PRO/PRO+ parking mode includes built-in low-voltage cut-off so that the camera will turn off before draining the vehicle’s battery.

Please note that this hardwire kit comes with 2 of each type of fuse tap and corresponding fuses.

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  • Keep a Watch on Your Vehicle When Parked with the Street Guardian SGX2HW Hardwire Kit
  • Enables Parking Mode on the Street Guardian SGGCX2PRO/SGGCX2PRO+ Dash Camera System
  • Includes Selectable Low-Voltage Cut-Off Function and Timer to Adjust How Long the Parking Mode is Enabled For on the Camera
  • Parking Mode Feature Automatically Turns on When the Vehicle is Turned Off
  • Time lapse Footage Will Record While Parked, Until Either the Low-Voltage Cut-Off Voltage is Reached/ Timer Limit Expires or the Vehicle is Turned Back On
  • Cable is 4m long in total, 3m from camera to the converter, 1m from converter to end of the fuse taps
  • ALL Fuse taps included – use 1 for permanent power, and 1 for accessory switched power.
  • More information available in the product manual – Click here to download

Note, when installing the fuse taps at the end of installation, there will be 4 fuses installed. 2 original fuses from the vehicle, which are inserted into the fuse tap piggyback plug, and the new hardwire kit fuse, also inserted into the piggyback plug. 4 in total.

Fuse panel layout and designs may inhibit installation on some vehicles. Some fuse panels (such as newer Fords) are smaller around the socket – you may need to file the corners of the fuse tap to enable smooth insertion. Fuse taps are compatible with 95% of vehicle manufacturers.


2 of each of the below fuse types are included.

ATO Mini ATO Mini ATO Low Profile
Micro 2 Micro 3


The following diagrams show the approximate sizes and shapes of the different fuses.

Please note that the sizes may vary slightly between manufacturers, and the colors of your fuses may be varied depending on the Amp rating of the fuse you use. Our Hardwire Kits only use a 5Amp fuse, however the original fuse in your vehicle may be a different Amp rating. In this case, simply use the piggy back plug to replace the original fuse and plug the original fuse back into the piggy back plug in the appropriate slot, then add the 5Amp fuse for the Hardwire Kit to the remaining slot.

* DISCLAIMER* This information is provided as a reference guide only, and not intended to be an instruction manual, or a how to. We strongly recommend using a professional installer for the installation of the Hardwire Kit, to avoid any issues that might arise.

*NOTE* Professional installation is recommended for CAN-BUS vehicles.




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